All players who return to play or are invited to join the Jags Fastpitch Organization, along with their parents, are required to read and sign the following Commitment Letter before being accepted as a new or continuing member of a Jags’ Fastpitch team.

I accept the invitation to join the Jags Fastpitch Organization and do hereby commit myself to play softball for the Jags Fastpitch travel softball team during the 2020/2021 season.

I understand that travel softball, compared to recreational softball (i.e., Birmingham Girls Softball League):

  • Is generally considered a higher level of competition;
  • Requires individual competitive tryouts;
  • Selects players primarily on their playing ability; and
  • Bases playing time on skill, production, attitude and experience;

I am aware that in certain situations:

  • Playing time may be reduced based on missed practices and/or failure to meet the commitments and expectations contained in this Letter;
  • Some players will exclusively play outfield or infield;
  • All players at the game may not necessarily bat; and
  • Some players may be asked to sit out an entire game.

I understand that my time commitment for the 2019/2020 season may include:

Fall (September 1st – October 31st)

  • One or two practices per week (day(s) to be determined);
  • Doubleheader games played on Sundays in September and October at Seymour Lake Township Park in Oxford, Michigan; and
  • One local weekend tournament.

Winter (November 1st – March 15th)

  • One weekend practice (day to be determine);
  • An optional hitting practice during the week (day to be determined); and
  • Pitchers and catchers only – a weekly pitching and catching clinic in the evening (day to be determined).

Spring (April 1st – June 15th)

  • Playing in the Birmingham Girls Softball League and/or for my respective middle or high school softball team.

Summer (June 15th – July 31st)

  • One or two practices per week (day(s) to be determined);
  • Doubleheader games played twice per week in north Oakland County; and
  • Approximately three weekend travel tournaments, including the Frankenmuth Softball Tournament and the Jamie Ives Memorial Tournament.

Besides committing to play, I understand that I will have to make certain other commitments which include:

  • To always give my best effort;
  • To always have a positive attitude;
  • To represent the Jags Fastpitch Organization in an exemplary manner;
  • To continue to improve by applying the instruction and feedback I receive from my coaches;
  • To support my teammates both on and off the field;
  • To show respect for my coaches, umpires, parents and opposing players;
  • To spend time away from the team practicing softball; and
  • Having fun!

My parents understand that they play an important role in my success as a player and commit to:

  • Updating my availability in TeamSnap early and often;
  • Reporting any injuries I may suffer as soon as possible;
  • Ensuring I arrive at practices and games on time;
  • Supporting my development by working on softball skills outside of practices and games (we strongly encourage hitting and position-specific instruction at places like Premier Softball and the Varsity Shop);
  • Cheering for my teammates and I in a positive and encouraging manner;
  • Demonstrating good sportsmanship towards the other team, coaches and umpires (any concerns with the other team, coaches or umpires should be brought to my coaches); and
  • Helping out with any safety concerns they may see as my coaches are not able to watch every player, every minute.

I understand that the team fee for the 2020/2021 season is anticipated to be between $600 and $800, which does not include my uniform, helmet or bag.  I agree that if I quit or am removed from my team, all team fees are non-refundable, unless for injury which will be handled on a case by case basis.  I understand that 50% of the team fee will be due upon acceptance of this letter and that any remaining balance will be due on or before February 1, 2021.